Engage users to increase paid conversion and upgrades using AI.
Get AI-recommended next actions in real-time.
The Benefits of Traitly Predict
Benefits your Product, Growth, and Marketing teams
Users are automatically segmented for the marketing team to target, while our insights help shape product decisions.
No more manual calculations or guesswork
Traitly’s AI does all of the work. No manual calculations means no heavy workload for the Business Intelligence team.
Drives new revenue
Traitly's AI-powered and action-oriented targeting will supercharge user engagement to increase their conversions to paid plans.
No code required. Just connect your data
No programming or technical skills required. Just connect your data and create your goals - Traitly does the rest.
Guide users every step of the way
Traitly's recommended next actions mean that your users will never be lost with what to do next.
Highly personalised targeting
Reach your users via email, notifications and social media adverts with highly personalized content to ensure they become customers.
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